Günther Förg - Untitled

Günther Förg - Untitled - image-1
Günther Förg - Untitled - image-1

Günther Förg


Acrylic on Masonite. 86 x 200 cm. Framed. Signed and dated 'Förg 04'. - Traces of studio.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Günther Förg painted his first grid paintings and repeatedly revisits this theme in the course of his artistic path. Initially, these grids are executed as clear, picture-filling structures reminiscent of architectonic elements such as windows or frameworks. Later on, they open up to a network of vertical and horizontal lines merging into irregular structures. In the work of an extreme horizontal format on offer here, Förg individually places these open structures in front of a light, broad visual space. Accentuated by a few red and green areas of colour and executed in the relaxed, fast painting technique typical of Förg, they are reminiscent of the outlines of buildings.


We would like to thank Michael Neff from the Estate Günther Förg for kind confirmation of the work’s authenticity.


Recklinghausen 2004 (Kunsthalle), Günther Förg, make it new, exhib.cat.no.87, p.237 with colour illus.

Lot 648 D

180.000 € - 200.000 €

198.400 €