A cast iron equestrian statue of Friedrich II

A cast iron equestrian statue of Friedrich II

Cast in several parts and screw-mounted. So-called "domestic monument" on a stepped plinth to emphasise its monumental character. Crisp cast with chased details and slightly mottled surface. One band of the bridle lost. H 67, W 28, D 44 cm.
Königlich Preußische Eisengießerei, Hüttenamt Gleiwitz (modern day Gliwice), first third 19th C., after a model by Theodor Kalide.

The design for the large version of this monument was probably based on Daniel Chodowiecki's drawing "Wachtparade" from 1777. Kalide mainly amended the depiction of the horse, which can also be seen here. The animal depicted is Condé, the king's last horse, who lived from 1766 to 1804, reaching an astonishingly old age for a horse. Following his death, Condé was stuffed and exhibited in the Hohenzollern Museum in Berlin until its destruction in the Second World War.


Cf. Arenhövel, Eisen statt Gold, Berlin 1982, no. 215. This model was cast in Berlin and Gleiwitz, but rarely and with minor differences.

Lot 322 Dα

5.000 € - 7.000 €

5.000 €