A rare and finely decorated Meissen porcelain sake bottle

A rare and finely decorated Meissen porcelain sake bottle

Of octagonal section, each face decorated with fine strapwork and trellis pattern surrounds in gold, purple, and iron red containing larger and smaller cartouches with chinoiserie scenes. Unglazed base with an indistinct lustre mark. A restored breakage to the top of the neck. H 24.5 cm.
The porcelain Meissen, around 1725; décor attributed to Anna Elisabeth Wald (Auffenwerth).

Siegfried Ducret conducted extensive archival research into the “hausmalers”, or independent decorators, of Augsburg. He found out that Anna Elisabeth Auffenwerth, the daughter of the “goldsmith and porcelain hausmaler Johann Aufenwerth” married the Nuremberg goldsmith Jakob Wald on 18th May 1722. The attribution of a group of hausmaler wares to her hand is based on the use of the monogram “EAW” or “EW” on several pieces with similar, characteristic décor. In contrast to the pieces produced in Seuter's workshop, her works feature only polychrome chinoiserie motifs similar upon first glance to those produced in Hoeroldt's workshop at Meissen.


Cf. two sake bottles decorated by Anna Elisabeth Wald in the Munich Residence Museum (in: Ducret, Meissner Porzellan bemalt in Augsburg, 1718 bis um 1750, Bd. I, Braunschweig 1971, illus. 358 f.)
For more on Anna Elisabeth Auffenwerth cf. Ducret, ibid., p. 41 ff.
Cf. the form of this piece to cat.: Frühes Meissener Porzellan, Kostbarkeiten aus deutschen Privatsammlungen, Munich 1997, cat. no. 95.

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