Four Meissen porcelain models of swans

Four Meissen porcelain models of swans

Models of perching swans with minimalistic polychromy in black and brown tones. Indistinct blue crossed sword marks. Two of the necks and one of the heads retouched, the beak of the smallest swan reattached, the legs of three retouched. H 8, 7.8, 7 and 6.8 cm.
Around 1747 – 50, modelled by Johann Joachim Kaendler.


A swan identical to the one on the earth mound base in: Röbbig (Kabinettstücke, Munich 2006, no. 48). Cf. also Pietsch, Meißner Porzellanplastik, Munich 2006, no. 312 f.

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