Max Slevogt - Frau Dr. Elly Freytag

Max Slevogt

Frau Dr. Elly Freytag

Pastel on artist's board 31 x 22.5 cm Framed under glass. Unsigned. - Verso with a handwritten confirmation by Dr. Karl Voll, Slevogt's first biographer. - Fresh colours, the card slightly browned. With nail holes in the right and upper margins.

Karl Voll's signed pencil note verso on the pastel card says: "This pastel has been done by Slevogt in Berlin in 1907; it is a sketch for the portrait of Dr. Elly Freytag, the poet's daughter-in-law, created in the same year. I received it from Slevogt. Dr. Voll." Apparently this is a preliminary study for the painting "Dame in Blau" (cf. Imiela 1968, op. cit.). Possibly the mentioned "poet" could be the writer Gustav Freytag (1816-1895).


Dr. Karl Voll, Munich; Paul Melsbach, Munich; E. Wiedenfeld, Duisburg; Private possession, Austria; Private possession, South Germany


Karl Voll [preface], Max Slevogt. 96 Reproduktionen nach seinen Gemälden, Munichen/Leipzig 1912, cf. illus. 86 (painting version); Jürgen Imiela, Max Slevogt. Eine Monographie, Karlsruhe 1968, cf. p. 379, annot. 33

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