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Lot 174 Dα

Anonymous painter of the Edo period

Auction 1157 - overview Cologne
27.06.2020, 11:00 - Asian Art
Estimate: 3.000 € - 5.000 €
Result: 3.500 € (incl. premium)

Anonymous painter of the Edo period

A large hanging scroll depicting the mandara of the Godai Kokûzô Bosatsu. Each Bodhisattva seated in meditation on a lotus flower above an animal in a roundel on a white ground, all of them with spear in their left hand and each with a different attribute in the right hand. At the centre sits the white-skinned Hôkai Kokûzô with three jewels on a lion, above him the red-skinned Kongô Kokûzô with lotus on a peacock (representing the West), at the left the green-skinned Hôkô Kokûzô with jewel on a horse (representing the South), below the yellow-skinned Renge Kokûzô with vajra and jewel (representing the East), and to the left the black-/blue-skinned Gyôyû Kokûzô with double vajra (representing the North), at the four corners a vase on a blue ground. Ink, colours and gold on paper. The mounting a bit damaged, with fittings of chased and gilt copper.
101.7 x 84.6 cm

The Godai Kokûzô Bosatsu represent the five Buddhas of Wisdom and were worshipped in the Shingon sect of Buddhism from the Heian period.


Private collection, Paris