Nakahara Nantenbô (Tôjû Zenchû) (1839-1925) - image-1

Lot 178 Dα

Nakahara Nantenbô (Tôjû Zenchû) (1839-1925)

Asian Art  27.06.2020, 11:00 - 27.06.2020, 19:00

Estimate: 400 € - 600 €
Result: 1.000 €

Nakahara Nantenbô (Tôjû Zenchû) (1839-1925)

A hanging scroll with a mounted fan with a four-character calligraphy reading Zuikishû mon (The gate where good energy gathers). Ink on paper. Signed hachijûyon ô (old man of 84 years) Nantenbô Tôjû and sealed Nantenbô, Tôjû und Rinzai shôshû. Wooden box, the inscription on the lid reading Zuikishû mon Nantenbô rôshi sho ichi jiku (one scroll written by the old man Nantenbô).
B 55,5 cm