Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852)

Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852) - image-1
Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852) - image-2
Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852) - image-1Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852) - image-2

Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852)

Two ôban. Series: Nijûshi kô no uchi. a) The astrologer Yu Kinrô (Yu Qianlou), tasting his father’s stool. b) Tô Fujin (Madame Tang), breast feeding her aging mother-in-law. Each print with an explanatory text. Each signed: Ryûsai Shigeharu ga. Publisher: Wataki. 1829. Good impressions, colours minimally faded, centerfolds, b) slightly soiled. (2)


Private collection, Bavaria

Lot 219 Dα

600 € - 800 €

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