Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852)

Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852) - image-1
Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852) - image-2
Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852) - image-1Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852) - image-2

Yanagawa Shigeharu (1802-1852)

Two ôban. Series: Nijûshi kô no uchi. a) The astrologer Yu Kinrô (Yu Qianlou), tasting his father’s stool. b) Tô Fujin (Madame Tang), breast feeding her aging mother-in-law. Each print with an explanatory text. Each signed: Ryûsai Shigeharu ga. Publisher: Wataki. 1829. Good impressions, colours minimally faded, centerfolds, b) slightly soiled. (2)

While working under the name Ryûsai Shigeharu, this Osaka artist was at the peak of his productivity in the years 1829-1830. Before 1826 he worked under the name Yanagawa Kunishige.


Private collection, Bavaria

Lot 219 Dα

600 € - 800 €