A Lauenstein glass goblet

A Lauenstein glass goblet - image-1
A Lauenstein glass goblet - image-1

A Lauenstein glass goblet

Round domed base supporting a faceted baluster shaft and tapering cup issuing from a joint with bubble inclusions. Engraved with the coat of arms in a foliate cartouche. H 22.6 cm.
Osterwald glassworks, 1st quarter 18th C.

The coat of arms is thought to be that of Ferdinand Wilhelm Adolf Franz von Plettenberg (1690 - 1734), who was raised to the rank of an imperial count in 1724, although this is not indicated in the armorial. Prior to this he enjoyed an exceptional career which began with his appointment as privy councilor in 1719 and as prime minister under Clemens August in 1723, a post in which he was solely responsible for almost all affairs of state.


For this type, cf.: Rohr, Lauensteiner Glas 1701 - 1827, Hannover 1991, no. 28, 50.
A further goblet commemorating Ferdinand von Plettenberg and Wittem in the LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur Münster, inv. no. R-1119 LM. This bears the collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece, which Count Ferdinand was awarded in 1732.

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