Peter Roehr - Untitled (FO-123)

Peter Roehr - Untitled (FO-123) - image-1
Peter Roehr - Untitled (FO-123) - image-1

Peter Roehr

Untitled (FO-123)

Paper on card. 63 x 59 cm. Framed under glass. Signed, dated and inscribed '141-2-65 Peter Roehr', with estate stamp and designated "FO-123" verso. - Minor traces of age.

Peter Roehr considers repetition a means of creating an awareness of what otherwise remains unrecognizable in the everyday use of signs and images. Serial aggregation only causes an apparent removal of these things' meaning. The initial loss of meaning is followed by a more conscious perception. Roehr's works appear balanced, there is no beginning and no ending, they are without hierarchy and as such free of an y tension: 'The picture has no focal point, it happens everywhere." (Corinna Dirting, in: Peter Roehr-Werke aus Frankfurter Sammlungen, MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst und Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main 2009, p.29.)


This work is registered in the archive of Peter Roehr, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt/M.


Private collection, Hesse


Berlin/Dusseldorf/Munich 2016 (Grisebach), Peter Roehr, 37 works,, n.pag. with colour illus.

Frankfurt/M. 2009/2010 (Museum für Moderne Kunst und Städel Museum), Peter Roehr,, p.175

Lot 112 D

30.000 € - 40.000 €

37.500 €