Gerhard Richter - 13. Nov 2000

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Gerhard Richter - 13. Nov 2000 - image-1Gerhard Richter - 13. Nov 2000 - image-2

Gerhard Richter

13. Nov 2000

Oil on colour photograph. 15 x 10.1 cm. Mounted on support card. Framed under glass. Signed, dated and titled '13. Nov. 2000 Richter' on support card. Signed, dated and titled '13. Nov. 2000 Richter' verso on frame backing.

“Gerhard Richter's history of using or referencing photographs in one way or another is long and complex, but whatever he does with an actual photograph or the idea of a photograph always seems to be reinvented. On viewing these overpainted small pictures, the size of snapshots, which I could shuffle like cards if I ever got them in my hand, I thought: they are so beautiful. One can only speculate what beauty is; it is a reaction to that what we see - one part appears to be a genetically programmed attraction of symmetries, of light and colour; the rest is probably learnt. I was, in any case, charmed by the colours of the overpainting and the picture underneath, and as I continued to look, I became melancholy, sad, amused, confused, amazed, and I was sometimes overcome by a feeling of painful loss. I laughed a few times. I was fascinated the whole time.” (Siri Hustvedt, Wahrheit und Richtigkeit, in: Markus Heinzelmann, Gerhard Richter, Übermalte Fotografien, Museum Morsbroich i.a., Ostfildern 2009, p.73/74)

Catalogue Raisonné

Gerhard Richter online-catalogue raisonné, Overpainted Photographs, Winter, 13.Nov.2000


Galerie Fred Jahn, Munich; private collection, Germany


Madrid 2009 (Fundación Telefónica), Photo España 2009, Gerhard Richter, Overpainted Photographs

Leverkusen 2008/2009 (Museum Morsbroich), Geneva 2009 (Centre de la photographié Genève), Gerhard Richter, Übermalte Fotografien,, n.pag. with colour illus.

Lot 127 D

35.000 € - 45.000 €

45.000 €