Otto Modersohn - Überschwemmung

Otto Modersohn - Überschwemmung - image-1
Otto Modersohn - Überschwemmung - image-1

Otto Modersohn


Oil on canvas 49 x 70 cm Framed. Signed and dated 'O Modersohn 43' in black lower right. - Retouch in the marginal area and in the centre of the picture.

The view of the motif is defined by a certain vantage point, regarding which Modersohn noted the following in his studio book from 1943: “Flood (Kordes)”, giving the name of the resident, “from whose house the picture was painted” (Rainer Noeres).


With a photo-certificate by the Otto Modersohn Museum, Fischerhude. We would like to thank Reiner Noeres for kind information; the work, hitherto unknown to him, most probably is identical to the painting documented in the artist's studio book under the works number "WV-OM-SW 1943, Nr. 17 Überschwemmung (Kordes)".


Acquired in the 1940s, since then in family possession; Private possession, South Germany

Lot 429 Dα

10.000 € - 12.000 €

22.500 €