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Portfolio - Salto Arte Box - image-1


Salto Arte Box

30 (of 31) prints, objects or manuscripts by Anatol, C. André, I. Balderi, J. Beuys (Schellmann 149), C. Boltanski, Christo (Schellmann 90), J. L. Byars, J. Charlier, J. Cladders, Daquin, H. Darboven, R. Filliou, J. le Gac, H. Haake, D. Huebler, J. Immendorff, S. LeWitt, B. Lohaus, K. Lueg-Fischer, A. Messager, Nicola, Yoko Ono, Panamarenko, A.R. Penck, Pineau, S. Polke (Becker/von der Osten 47), P. van Rafelghem, K. Sieverding, K. Staeck and Ben Vautier. Various formats. Unmounted in printed original-card box from Panamarenko 37 x 30 x 8 cm (with traces of use). All works numbered except the works by C. André, H. Haake, H. Darboven and J. Cladders, signed or monogrammed, some dated (73) or (75). Numbered 28/100 (+31 +900 unsigned). The work by Sol LeWitt proof 28/150. Édition pour Écrire la liberté, Brussels. - Minor traces of age. The work by PA Hubert missing.

Lot 388 D

4.000 € - 6.000 €

11.250 €