Konrad of Friesach - The Crucifixion

Konrad of Friesach - The Crucifixion - image-1
Konrad of Friesach - The Crucifixion - image-1

Konrad of Friesach

The Crucifixion

Tempera on pine wood.. 93 x 80.5 cm.

The panel shows Christ on the cross accompanied by the Virgin Mary and John, with the large figures standing on patches of grass against an undifferentiated gold background. Alfred Stange was able to convincingly attribute the present work to the œuvre of the Carinthian master Konrad von Friesach, whose most famous work is the large Lenten cloth in Gurk, painted during his late period and dated 1458. Within this master's œuvre, which is entirely in the picturesque tradition of the native Carinthian region without any significant tendencies towards modernisation, Stange locates this Crucifixion to the earlier years, dating it to around 1440/1445.


West German private ownership. - Lempertz auction 470, Cologne, 14.11.1962, lot 65. - South German private collection. - Lempertz auction 621, Cologne, 25.06.1987, lot 73. - Subsequently in a South German private collection.


Alfred Stange: Eine Kreuzigungstafel von Konrad von Friesach, in: Das Münster 1958, 11th year, issue 3/4, p. 103-104, illus. - Alfred Stange: Deutsche Malerei der Gotik. vol. 11. Österreich und der ostdeutsche Siedlungsraum, Munich/Berlin 1961, p. 87-89, illus. 194.

Lot 1503 Dα

30.000 € - 40.000 €

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