Norbert Bisky - Devil's playground

Norbert Bisky - Devil's playground - image-1
Norbert Bisky - Devil's playground - image-1

Norbert Bisky

Devil's playground

Oil on canvas. 60 x 80 cm. Signed and dated 'bisky 2009-14 Bisky 2009-14' verso on canvas.

As one of the most notable contemporary painters working in Germany today, Norbert Bisky has reinvented the pictorial language with his strongly figurative approach. In this example of a more bijoux size canvas, he leaves the scene open to interpretation. Clearly evoking the connotation of possible sexual encounters, Bisky hasn’t used his motifs to be disruptive, but rather to allude to the fact that our conditioning is geared to seeing heterosexual couples and displays of love. Instead of making his compositions overtly sexual, he rather points to beauty, violence, love and bodily love in a subdued manner. Whilst his earlier paintings are characterized by the use of pastel colours and subdued hues, he has become bolder with the play between contrasts and the use of stronger colours. We see bodies and liquids and explosions like celebrations of intimacy and possibly like a visual journaling of the artists experiences.


Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris (label verso); private collection, North Rhine-Westphalia

Lot 86 D

20.000 € - 25.000 €

25.200 €