Auction 950, Modern Art, 05.12.2009, 00:00, Cologne Lot 956

Max Liebermann, Kirchgang in Laren (Going to Church in Laren)

Max Liebermann, Kirchgang in Laren (Going to Church in Laren), 1899, Auction 950 Modern Art, Lot 956

Oil on canvas 70.3 x 100.3 cm, framed. Signed and dated MLiebermann 99 in brown at lower right. - The verso loosely backed with a second canvas and spanned onto a new chassis, thereby slightly enlarging the size of the composition. Otherwise in fine, original condition. With pentimenti of a lightly differently arranged composition in upper right.

Eberle 1899/1


Siegfried Schocken, Berlin (1914); Leo Lewin, Breslau (1917 until 1927); Zurich 1925 (for sale); Cassirer-Helbing, Berlin (1927); private property, Zurich; formerly private property, Rhineland


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