Auction 990, Modern Art, 02.12.2011, 00:00, Cologne Lot 364

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Fanny Wocke

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Fanny Wocke, 1916, Auction 990 Modern Art, Lot 364

Woodcut on fine Japan paper 29.8 x 40 cm (42.3 x 53.6 cm), framed under glass. Signed E L Kirchner beneath the composition at right, at left inscribed 1 Druck [1 print] as well as at center Herrn Doktor Bluth gewidmet [dedicatd to Doktor Bluth]. Rare; one of 5 proofs to become known of. Proof of the woodcut in the only state from the unevenly colourized printing block. - Slight mottled browning and with minimal light-stain, mounted onto slightly firmer Japan paper, owing to marginal defects.

Dube Woodcuts 275

We would like to thank Günther Gercken for kind information.

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