It’s still not too late…

Although it is commendable that state minister of culture Grütters has smoothed some of the sharper edges of the planned law on the protection of cultural goods, the law still requires major amendments…

Twelve large associations affected by the new law have been gathering for two months now under the slogan “It’s not too late for a fairer solution” to discuss ways to improve it.

“Alone Mrs Grütter‘s attempt to combine the laws governing the return of unjustifiably appropriated cultural goods with the 1955 law governing the dissemination of cultural goods creates more problems than it solves” says Hubertus von Dallwitz, one of the spokesmen of the interest group.

In order to prepare what the state minister of culture referred to in a press release made on 15.09.2015 as the “important planned law” on the protection of cultural goods in Germany, it is necessary to include all the parties affected by it in lengthier and more detailed discussions. Apart from the few regulations which are bound by EU guideline 2014/06 to be implemented in German law within a certain time period, there is no need to rush the other proposals. We would therefore propose that this part is pulled forward and decided on by the government, but that the complete codification of the law on the protection of cultural goods, which would have much more serious consequences, should only be carried out following more detailed consultation.

Germany should orientate itself towards countries with better functioning cultural goods regulations, such as England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Here, the state is given the right to purchase a piece in advance in cases where there is an interest in retaining the work in the country. The newly founded interest group criticises the fact that the planned implementation of compulsory licensing of artworks based on categories such as age and value has already caused a deep loss of trust and sense of uncertainty among private collectors and companies with art collections.


Aktionsgemeinschaft Privates Denkmaleigentum

Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels e.V.

Bundesverband Deutscher Galerien und Kunsthändler e.V.

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International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art

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