Roentgen furniture - Auction 1159 Fit for a King

Lot 400 - An oval working table by David Roentgen

Rosewood, walnut, elm, ash, boxwood, maple, and stained wood veneers on a corpus of oak, softwood, and cherry. Green leather writing surface with gilt embossed border (replaced), ormolu and brass mountings. Multi-functional table on four removable tapering square section supports terminating in casters...


Lot 402 - An Imperial writing desk by David Roentgen

Thuja wood veneer on mahogany and oak corpus, ormolu and brass mountings. Multi-functional table on eight removable tapering supports of square section decorated on four sides with milleraie motifs. Straight apron with central drawer beneath a sliding top surrounded on both sides by a low bronze gallery...


Lot 403 - A rectangular worktable by David Roentgen

Rosewood, banded maple and various other wood veneers (some stained) on a corpus of softwood and cherry. Ormolu and brass mountings, original iron lock. Straight apron with wide front drawer on tapering square section supports with paler borders...


Lot 404 - A cylinder bureau by David Roentgen

Lemon wood, mahogany, boxwood, pear, walnut, maple, and stained wood veneers on oak and softwood corpus. Gilt embossed leather writing surface (replaced), brass and ormolu mountings. The apron with an arch for the knees and the appearance of five drawers. On tapering square sectioned supports...


Lot 405 - A chest of drawers by David Roentgen

Mahogany veneer on oak and solid mahogany (front) corpus, ormolu and brass mountings. Three-drawered corpus resting on tapering supports of square section. The top with horizontal veneer surrounded by a broad, angular band of brass stringing. With fine, continuous vertical veneers to the front and sides...


Lot 406 - A chest of drawers from the workshop of David Roentgen

Walnut, kingwood, cherry, plum, maple, partially stained wood veneers on oak and softwood corpus. Ormolu mountings and “rouge royal” marble. With two drawers, sans traverse, on tapering curved supports of square section. Lambrequin apron with low middle section...


Lot 407 - A highly important writing desk by Abraham Roentgen

Red satinwood, rosewood, kingwood, and snakewood, burr walnut, marquetry in holly, hornbeam, stained and scorch-shaded maple on oak corpus, the apron of carved cherry. Brass and ormolu mountings, iron locks, replaced green waxed cloth writing surface with embossed border, "brocatello di Siena" marble...


Lot 408 - A dressing table by the workshop of Abraham Roentgen

Rosewood, poplar, elm, boxwood, maple and other partially stained, engraved, and black contoured wood veneers on a corpus of oak, spruce, and cherry. Mirror, marbled paper, brass and ormolu mountings (partially later). On tapering curved zoomorphic supports of square section with pronounced knees...



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