Lempertz Brussels: Exhibition Marie-Jo Lafontaine


Lempertz will be dedicating the first exhibition held on our new premises in Brussels to the great Belgian artist Marie-Jo Lafontaine. It will be showing her monumental video installation “Victoria”, as well as the “Liquid Crystals” group of large format photographic works.

The installation “Victoria” consists of 19 large columns set with monitors playing videos and arranged in a spiral formation. The videos show two men in a dramatic dance in which advance and retreat, dance and combat appear intertwined. “The men dance on the thin line between love and war. If we keep fighting, it can degenerate, but if we keep loving it can also end in violence. Humans are capable of both extremes.” (Oscar van den Boogaard).

The second series of works on display in Brussels is “Liquid Crystals”. These large format black and white photographs show teenagers between 14 and 15 years of age. The artist has captured these young people at the critical age when teens become adults. The subjects gaze out towards the viewer with confidence and self assurance, but still betray the uncertainty of adolescents searching for their unique identities.

Marie-Jo Lafontaine
Victoria/Liquid Crystals
5.9. – 10.10.2014

Lempertz S.A.
Grote Herstraat 6, rue du Grand Cerf
Brussels 1000 Bruxelles

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