High Carat Offer


The high carat offer is headed by thirteen six-figure paintings by Rubens (€ 250/350,000), Clara Peeters (€ 200/260,000), Frans Snyders (€ 150/180,000), Giovanni Battista Moroni (€140/200,000), Antonio Allegri, il Correggio (€ 120/200,000), Bernardo Strozzi (€130/200,000), by the Maestro di Campo Giove (Nicolo Olivieri della Pietranziera?, € 140/160,000), and Jacob van Walscapelle (€ 100/150,000). Further highcalibre works are by Bartolomeo Bettera (€ 100/130,000), Bernhard Strigel (€ 100/120,000), Jan van Dornicke, called the Master of 1518 (€100/120,000), Adriaen van Stalbemt (€ 90/100,000) and Cristoforo Munari (€ 80/100,000). The sculptures and drawings also feature a number of noteworthy pieces ...

Painted on word, the Saint Theresa von Avila by Peter Paul Rubens belongs to a group of commissions received from the Order of Barefoot Carmelites at the beginning of the 17th century, followers of the mystic Teresa von Avila (1515 – 1582). Exhibited at the Rubenshuis Museum in Antwerp from 2014 – 2016, it is valued at € 250/350,000 (lot 1048). Still life pictures offer a sample of nature’s bounty. The Flemish painter

Clara Peeters depicts a “Hunting still life with fruits, birds and a living squirrel” (lot 1034, € 200/260,000), Frans Snyders from Antwerp presents birds and fruits (lot 1050, € 150/200,000), whilst Jacob von Walscapelle’s work is more maritime in theme with lobsters, oysters and fruits (lot 1093, € 100/150,000). The spiritual pleasures are highlighted by two still lifes with musical instruments by the Italian Bartolomeo Bettera (lot 1080, € 100/130,000), whilst his compatriot Cristoforo Munari honours rather more bourgeois pleasures with a so-called “rustic kitchen” piece (lot 1106, € 80/100,000).

Leading us into heavenly spheres are paintings by Giovanni Battista Moroni, Antonio Allegri, il Correggio, Bernardo Strozzi, Maestro di Campo Giove, Bernhard Strigel and Jan van Dornicke, called the Master of 1518. Moroni gives us the “Three Marys at the empty tomb” (lot 1019, €140/200,000), a small canvas depicting the “Worship of the Child” was painted by Antonio Allegri, il Corregio in 1512 (lot 1016 € 120/200,000), whilst Bernardo Strozzi, himself a Capuchin monk, offers a “Vision of Saint Francis” (lot1029, € 130/180,000).

Four panels with scenes from the legend of Saint Eustace were painted by Maestro di Campo Giove (Nicolo Olivieri della Pietranziera?) (lot 1001, € 140/160,000), while a Saint Christopher is from the workshop of Bernhard Strigel (lot 1003, € 100/120,000). The Master of 1518 offers a triptych with the “Worship of the Kings”, “Worship of the Shepherds” and the “Rest on the Flight to Egypt” (lot 1007, € 100/120,000), whilst a Madonna and Child is from the workshop of Barent van Orley (lot 1013, € 80/90,000). Carl Borromäus Ruthart leads the viewer into paradise with Adam and Eve (lot 1075, € 70/90,000), while Adriaen van Stalbemt has depicted the pleasures of bathing nymphs (lot 1038, € 90/100,000). It becomes darker and more dangerous with Jan van Lessel the Elder’s “Allegory of the Night” (lot 1070, € 70/80,000). Frans Francken the Younger’s “Various Methods of Achieving Fame” has an estimate of € 60/80,000 (lot 1032), and the workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder offers “The Virgin and Child with John the Baptist” (lot 1009). Thomas de Keyser has depicted a distinguished gentleman with a white ruff (lot 1051, € 60/70,000). Further Dutch and Flemish paintings for circa € 50,000 round of this section.

The 19th century paintings are highlighted by works from Wilhelm Schütze and Constantin Ivanonovitch Gorbatoff. From Schütze we see elegantly dressed children playing (lot 1199, € 30/40,000), whilst Gorbatoff transports us to the sunshine of Capri (lot 1127, € 30/40,000), as well as a snowy landscape (lot 1228, € 20/30,000). Shining out amongst the drawings is, for example, Giovanni Battista Piazzetta’s sheet of “Two Figures Reading”, in charcoal and chalk (lot 1144, € 40/50,000).

The sculptures are presented as a whole in a separate catalogue, this season. At the top is a wood Madonna and Child, probably from around 1420, Salzburg (lot 1302, € 50/60,000), a relief of the Birth of Christ from the workshop of Hans Klocker from around 1500 (lot 1320, € 75/90,000), as well as a white marble Neptune by Girolamo Campagna (1549 – after 1617) measuring a height of 120 cm (lot 1330, €60/70,000).