Appraisal days


If you would like to offer works of art or antiques up for auction, please contact us at any time and we will be happy to inform you of the possibilities of consignment to our auctions. You can also take advantage of one of the appraisal days which we hold regularly at our branches in Berlin, Munich, Brussels, and in many other cities throughout Europe and the US. You can use the appraisal form provided, or contact one of our experts or branches directly for a non-binding consultation, or to arrange an appointment.

Afrika-Experten in Deutschland

Unser Experte, Tim Teuten, wird gemeinsam mit Emilie Jolly am Montag, den 14., und Dienstag, den 15. Oktober, in Deutschland sein.


Die Auktion wird am 29. Januar 2020 während der BRAFA in Brüssel stattfinden.


All Departments                   Sept. 2019 Details


Old Masters, Decorative Arts and Jewellery19 Sept. 2019  Details
Modern and Contemporary Art 19 Sept. 2019  Details
Photography19 Sept. 2019  Details
Asian Art19 Sept. 2019  Details
Afrikanische und Ozeanische Kunst19 Sept. 2019  Details

Bremen / Hannover

Old Masters,Decorative Arts and Jewellery by appointment  Details 
Modern and Contemporary Art     17./18. Sept.  Details 
Photography by appointment  Details 
Asian Art by appointment  Details 


Old Masters,            12 & 30 Sept. 2019 Details
Modern and Contemporary Art            12 & 30 Sept. 2019 Details
Photography                  30 Sept. 2019 Details
Asian Art                   12 Sept. 2019 Details
Decorative Arts, Jewellery and Silver                        Sept 2019 Details


Old Masters, Decorative Arts and Jewellery   by appointment Details
Modern and Contemporary Artby appointment Details
Photographyby appointment Details
Asian Artby appointment Details


Old Masters, Decorative Arts, Jewellery2 Sept. 2019   Details
Modern and Contemporary Art2 Sept. 2019   Details
Asian Art2 Sept. 2019   Details
Photography2 Sept. 2019   Details


Old Masters, 19. C. und Sculpturen, Decorative Arts and Jewellery 18. Sept. 2019 Details
Modern and Contemporary Art 18. Sept. 2019 Details
Photography 18. Sept. 2019 Details
Asian Art 18. Sept. 2019 Details


Modern and Contemporary Art     16. Sept. 2019  Details
Old Masters  by Appointment Details
Decorative Arts, Silver, Jewellery  by Appointment Details
Asian Art  by Appointment Details
Photography  by Appointment Details

Los Angeles and San Francisco

Date by appointment Details


Jewellery         11 Sept. 2019 Details
Modern and Contemporary Art     23/24 Sept. 2019 Details
Photography     23/24 Sept. 2019 Details
Asian Art    25/26 Sept. 2019 Details
Old Masters, 19th C. and Sculpture, Decorative Arts,     12/13 Sept. 2019 Details


Decorative Arts and Silver                                                                            6/7 June 2019 Details
Contemporary Art                                                                         18-19 June 2019 Details
Modern Art                                                                              4 June 2019  Details
Asian Art                                                                            25 June 2019  Details
Old Masters                                                                        20/21 June 2019 Details
Jewellery                                                                 by Appointment 2019 Details
Photography                                                                             27 June 2019 Details

New York / Boston

Old Masters, Decorative Arts and Jewellery    by appointment Details
Modern and Contemporary Art   by appointment Details
Photography10-13 Sept. 2019 Details


Old Masters, Decorative Arts and Jewellery           by appointment Details
Modern and Contemporary Art         25/26 Sept. 2019 Details
Photography              1/2 Oct. 2019 Details
Asian Art           by appointment Details


Old Masters, Decorative Arts, Jewellery              by appointment Details
Modern and Contemporary Arts 26/27 Sept. 2019 Details
Photography 25 Sept. 2019  Details
Asian Art 10 Sept. 2019Details


Old Masters, Decorative Arts, Jewellery by Appointment       Details
Contemporary Art17 Sept. 2019          Details
Photography 17 Sept. 2019          Details
Asian Artby Appointment       Details
Modern Art17 Sept. 2019          Details


Asiatische Kunst                            nach Vereinbarung 2019 Details


Old Masters, Decorative Arts, Jewellery by appointment Details
Modern and Contemporary Artby Appointment Details
Photographyby Appointment Details
Asian Art by Appointment Details