Do you have an estate that you wish to sell? Are you the beneficiary of a large collection and would like to have it professionally valued?

Lempertz offers a unique and accessible service should you wish to have your estate, inheritance or collection valued or sold. With our diverse marketing tools, our professional team of experts and our worldwide customer base, we can ensure the greatest possible sales success. Our strong online presence enables us to reach more and more international bidders every year who have the possibility to bid online live and without delay through several providers. This is just one of our many tools to help you find the highest bidder for your collection. 

Collections from almost all epochs

In our first Prussian Auction in 2018, around 85 smaller works of art from the collection of the Cologne Professor, Dr Gisela Zick were offered for sale. A further 37 objects from the Giese family collection were also auctioned and featured mainly art nouveau vases and figures.

The Klaus J. Jacobs Collection

One of our most recent, stand-alone catalogues for a collection was the catalogue The Klaus J. Jacobs Collection. In 1984 Klaus J. Jacobs brought an art collection of a very special flavour to life: the collection of the Jacobs Suchard Museum in Zurich. Jacobs was interested in the processing of the European product history of coffee and acquired a remarkable collection of artefacts from the cultural history of coffee. The auction took place on 16 November 2017.

An early Augburg silver gilt coffee pot - The Klaus J. Jacobs Collection

As with many other auctions, the Klaus J. Jacobs Collection attracted a considerable amount of media interest. The auction was reported in the Zeit newspaper, the Handlesblatt and many art publications (Sammlerjournal, Kunst und Auktionen), just to name a few.

The Pioneer of Photography - A collection of 60 photographs by Heinrich Kühn

A collection of 60 photographs by Heinrich Kühn was also successfully sold in the 2017 autumn season. Read our exciting Academy report here: “The most delicate subtleties of the play of light”, on the photography of Heinrich Kühn.

Heinrich Kühn, Untitled (Innsbruck) - From the catalogue “Heinrich Kühn - 60 Photographs”

Netsuke Collections

It was a great pleasure to also be able to auction two large and important netsuke collections last season. The small, finely carved Japanese figures have recently enjoyed great popularity. Due to its size, the Kolodotschko Netsuke Collection was offered for sale across a number of auctions, some exclusive. The most recent part sold well in the 2017 spring season. A further collection, the Papp Collection of Netsuke was successfully sold in the spring season 2018. Would you like to learn more about netsuke? Read our interesting Lempertz-Academy report for information about the origin and original meaning of these Japanese collectors’ items: Netsuke

A very rare netsuke of a sleeping skeleton - From the Papp Collection of Netsuke

The Estate of a famous German Cardinal

Lempertz was honoured to be allowed to auction a part of the great Cardinal Meissner estate in 2018, the proceeds of which were donated to the Cardinal Meissner Foundation. The highlight of the estate was undoubtedly the Triptych altar of the Madonna Enthroned by the Master of Tobias which changed hands for nearly 500,000 euro.

Valuation of inheritance - in one of our representative offices around the world

We have offices and representatives across Europe, the USA and in South America and are happy to assist you in any of these locations. You can arrange appointments directly with the individual departments or with the respective branch office nearest to you. For larger collections we are happy to visit you at home and can offer a non-binding and discrete initial estimation or estate valuation on site. In the event of an agreement, your collection will be transported to our head office in Cologne and with the help of state-of-the-art tools, our experienced employees, and professional expertise, will be appraised and valued. 

All the items you wish to sell from your collection will be examined in precise detail by our expert team. Once the examination and valuation of your collection is complete, we will inform you of the individual estimates of your items. We are happy to arrange worldwide transportation of your artworks, in particular large and heavy pictures or sculptures, through one of our professional logistics partners. Cataloguing and provenance research will begin as soon as agreement is reached. It will be ascertained if there were any interesting previous owners in the history of the work and from where the work originated, and several high-resolution photographs will be taken for the catalogue and the website.

Renée Sintenis, A foal licking itself - The Gronert Collection

Individual catalogues and auctions for important collections

Depending on the scale of your collection, it may be possible to initiate a special separate catalogue and auction exclusively for your objects and works of art. This concept has been proved by the many very successful auctions in recent years such as the extensive "Kolodotschko“ netsuke collection, the photography collection "Das Neue Bauen im Spiegel Der Photographie“ and the "Hoftstätter Collection“ from the Austrian art dealer Reinhold Hofstätter, as well as many important corporate collections.

The sale of a collection or an estate - we ensure the greatest possible sales success

According to the type and value of your collection, the sale will take place in accordance with our seasonal auction calendar and may also be held on the same day as the corresponding main auction of the respective department. Should you own a very large collection of contemporary works or art, these will be sold, depending on number and total value, either in our main auction or in their own sale on the same day or weekend. This way we guarantee the greatest possible attention for your collection. 

If you are considering selling or having your collection valued, please do not hesitate to contact us. The world’s oldest family-run auction house with nearly 200 years of experience is at your disposal.

Successfully sold collections or parts of collections from recent years:

  • The Hofstätter Collection
  • Reportage Photography 1945-1990 - The Elke and Werner Zimmer Collection
  • The Kolodotschko Collection of Netsuke
  • The International Style through the Eyes of Photography. Works from an Important Collection
  • Hommage to Coco Chanel
  • The Grünert Collection
  • Oriental Works of Art from Belgian Collections
  • Lempertz projects - selections from two important corporate collections
  • The Klaus J. Jacobs Collection
  • Heinrich Kühn -60 Photographs
  • The Papp Collection of Netsuke