Significant Private Collections


The usual two-day Asian Art auction on 7 and 8 June offers a total of 836 lots, 499 of which are from Japan and 336 works of art from China, India, Pakistan and South East Asia. Part VI of the Kolodotschko collection of Netsuke, which has celebrated consistent-ly successful auctions, will again be presented in an individual catalogue ...


Decorative arts of the Meiji period dominate in quality and quantity, and include a fine small collection of Satsuma ceramics. In good condition and with eye-catching motifs, they are from a US private collection (for example lot 31, €6,000/10,000; lot 30, €5,000/7,000; lot 33, €3,000/4,000).


The top piece of the Japanese art is lot 51: the museum-worthy ivory vase depicting the three generals is of an impressive size and in excellent condition, standing on an elaborate wooden base with fine metal details. Made in around 1890 in Tokyo, the vase is 58.2 cm high and signed by Komei with a seal, and has been estimated at €20/20,000. Further works include a large selection of woodcut prints and paintings from various private collections (up to €4,000), and a Gigaku mask for €8/10,000 (lot 1).


The netsuke from the Kolodotschko collection – now the sixth part that Lempertz has sold with great success – will again be presented in a special catalogue. This catalogue is enriched by inrô and sagemono from various private collections; in total, the catalogue offers around 250 pieces (lots 250 – 499, including 117 Kolodotschko netsuke). The later works of art from this offer include a rare netsuke of a kirin from the late 18th century (lot 367, €4/5,000).

India, South East Asia

The Indian works of art feature 15 culturally historically interesting silver Lingam holders of the Lingavat, from a North German private collection. The Shiva sect of the Lingavat in Southern India carries these vessels for decoration as well as to hold a small stone lingam – the symbol of the deity Shiva (lots 520 – 517). One of the highlights of the Indian offering is a stele of Uma-Maheshvara from the 11th/12th century from Northern India (lots 502, € 15/20,000).

Further interesting works include a collection of 15 keris ritual swords, primarily from Indonesia and Malaysia, from a Black Forest private collection (lots 544 – 550), as well as a monumental altar throne (hpaya khan) from Burma featuring a bronze figure of the Buddha Shakyamuni, from the late 19th/early 20th century (lot 528, €10/15,000). An Avalokiteshvara from the 12th century from Cambodia, Angkor Watt has an estimate of €40/45,000 (lot 529), and a similarly dated limestone torso with the same provenance is valued at €30/35,000 (lot 530). A life-size bronze Buddha from the 15th/16th century from Thailand is estimated at €22/25,000 (lot 534).


The Chinese works of arts are dominated by a strong decorative arts section, with a large group of Chinese furniture at its core, include a pair of fine sichou guanmaoyi-type armchairs made of huanghuali wood in the 18th century Qing dynasty (lot 743, €60/70,000). A rare and richly carved rhinoceros horn cup from the 18th/19th century, also from the Qing Dynasty, has an estimate of €20/30,000 (lot 704), whilst a 58 cm diameter cloisonné plate from the 19th century is valued at €5/7,000 (lot 668). The oldest object from the Chinese offering is a lidded ding-type food vessel made in the early 5th century B.C. At 36 cm, the bronze vessel was made in Northern Central China in Shanxi province during the Eastern Zhou period/late Spring and Autumn period and was previously in the collection of Hugo (1926–2006) and Gerda Vedder (1932–2019), Ludinghausen. It has been estimated at €10/15,000 (lot 647). From the late 19th century we find a yellow dragon robe (jifu) for € 25/30,000 (lot 720).


Painting highlights include a 137.5 x 240 cm painting by Zou Yigui (1686–1722) with the provenance of Baron Léon Lambert and an estimate of €20/30,000 (lot 615), and a beautiful work by Qi Baishi (1864–1957) at €60/80,000 (lot 630). More recent art includes "Art in America", an amusing 270 x 225 cm mixed media work by Zhou Tiehai (lot 638, €50/80,000). One noteworthy work from Tibet is an impressive figure of Vajrasattva from the 17th century, estimated at €30/50,000 (lot 580).