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The distinguished and renowned historian Sir Christopher Clark about Charles Amédée van Loos Portrait of King Frederick II of Prussia. Take a look and let us surprise you!

On occasion of the Prussian Sale we have divided the timespan between 1701 and 1918 into chapters, introducing their most influential players, commentators, and styles. Take a look and let us surprise you!

Is a private museum the fulfilment of all collectors’ dreams? A look behind the scenes of the Brandenburg-Prussia Museum in Wustrau.

A pair of candlesticks from the dinner service of Friedrich the Great. The distinguished goldsmith Alexander Hornemann describes his personal impressions.

Berlin, KPM, 1830, the decoration by Eduard Wilhelm Forst, the bronze by Werner and Mieth, Berlin

Is that art or can it be done away with? Irritations are often part of the artistic program. Therefore it is helpful to know the origin of nonsense: Dadaism. It not only provides an introduction to reflection, but also the authority of interpretation. Because: Whoever can dada is always right, even...