Kunsthaus Lempertz - Auction House in Munich

The Lempertz auction house branch in Munich started off next to the Isar river in the year 1984, located directly in the city’s most distinguished district, Bogenhausen. In 2008, Lempertz moved to the city center. Today, in the year 2016, the Munich branch is found in Lehel, by the notorious St. Anna Platz, next to the Klosterkirche St. Anna im Lehel and across from the Pfarrkirche St. Anna im Lehel. The Klosterkirche St. Anna im Lehel is the first rococo church in old Bavaria and was built by the renowned architect Johann Michael Fischer, while the Pfarrkirche St. Anna im Lehe, built by the architect Gabriel von Seidl, is one of the largest neo-romanesque buildings in Munich’s vicinity.

The building, in which Lempertz of Munich finds itself, was, unlike encircling establishments, not destroyed in the war. On a tour of the city, thanks to the slight damage, many Wilhelminian constructions can still be seen today.

Art in Walking Distance of the Auction House in Munich

Nearly all acclaimed art institutions of the Munich art world are in walking distance of the Lempertz auction house. The modern, new, and old Pinakothek are all located in Maxvorstadt, one of the central boroughs of Munich and can be reached after a short walk through the Hofgarten.

The Haus der Kunst is just a mere five minute walk away from the auction house. The Haus der Kunst opens their doors to the public and offers viewings of regularly changing exhibitions, with a wide spectrum of modern art. Loaned art from other international museums is often exhibited in this establishment.

Similarly, the Sammlung Schack, previously known as the Schack-Galerie, is also placed near the auction house. The gallery, formerly Unterstützers der Münchner Kunstschaffenden, holds numerous amounts of 19th century portraits, including works of A

Our Experts at the Auction House in Munich

Biannually, in the preparation of the auction, our experts find themselves in the auction house and get situated. During these days, portraits, jewellery, and many other categories of art are examined and, those with great quality, are accepted into the auction. Apart from the Berlin auction house, which only holds one a year, every other branch holds two art auctions annually. Ancient art, commercial art, porcelain and silver, modern art, contemporary art, photography, and asian art are all the departments one of our experts inspects for potential spots in the auction. Customers are welcome to stand witness.

Our specialists are available all year round to answer your questions via telephone concerning the selling, buying, details, or delivery of specific artworks. Available appointment times for our clients, as well as, of course, auction dates, previews, sale results, and the contact information of our experts can be found online on our website. Some of this information is also included in our catalogues. If you wish to be informed about all of our events automatically, you can sign up to our newsletter online. Of course, all of our auction house branches are at your disposal. You will find news from and about the Munich auction house, as well as our other branches, in our press section on our website.

Previews of Valuable Objects and the Art of Upcoming Auctions

Shortly before the auctions take place, the auction house in Munich displays valuable objects as well as the highlights of the forthcoming auction for potential buyers. Interested buyers do not have to drive to the location of the auction in Cologne for a preview, but can, rather, view the most noteworthy lots in Bavaria’s capital. Of course our clients may also help themselves to our print and online catalogues to further create a picture of the various auctions. Forms that allow our visitors to hand our employees their absentee bids in written form, are available at the previews. Scattered exhibitions take place at the auction house in Munich, which do not support the sale. These are separately advertised.

The art auction house in Munich is led by our associates, Frau Emarentia Bahlmann, and Herrn Christian von Wartenberg. Frau Bahlmann has been working at the auction house in Munich for nearly 40 years, and Herr von Wartenberg for over 5.

Art Auction House Lempertz as a Member of Munich’s Art World

With over 250 galleries, and renowned German events taking place there throughout the year, Munich plays a key role in the German art world. Undeniably, the art auction Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e.V. is one of these noteworthy events, at which 6 digit sums are regularly sold. Alongside modern art, art objects from other epochs are also auctioned. The auction’s results are made available to the Pinakothek der Moderne for buying and financing of exhibitions.

The Pinakothek der Moderne takes place biannually and in 2016 will, for the first time, take place in the Postpalast, which lies on the west side of the Maxvorstadt. Kunst und Antiquitäten, one of the largest and oldest regional art fairs of its kind, is the meeting point for about 60 international galleries from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium. Alongside paintings, drawings, antiques, and sculptures, visitors can expect a variety of art from baroque through art deco times until finally reaching classic modern art from the 20th century.

The biggest art fair is, with no doubt, the annual Highlights. Here, over 40 galleries from Germany and other countries exhibit their artworks. In the year 2016, the fair will take place in October. It will be a selling show and visitors will therefore be able to buy everything they please.

You can reach the staff of the auction house in Munich with the contact details listed above. Please contact us if you are interested in selling one of your valuable artworks. We will be glad to assist you if you are interested in buying one of the remaining artworks from the auction. Kunsthaus Lempertz looks forward to your call, email, or visit!

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