Auction The Klaus J. Jacobs Collection

In 1984 Klaus J. Jacobs founded an art collection of a special kind: the collection of the Jacobs Suchard Museum in Zurich. Jacobs was interested in the reappraisal of the European product history of coffee and so compiled a remarkable collection of artefacts from the cultural history of coffee...

Kunsthaus Lempertz is now auctioning around 250 lots from this collection including paintings by Georges Braque, Lesser Ury and George Grosz as well as first-class coffee pots, cups and machines from the Baroque to Bauhaus.

Klaus J. Jacobs

Klaus J. Jacobs (*3rd December 1936 in Bremen; †11th September 2008 in Küsnacht) was one of the most important personalities in Europe’s business world. His exceptional dedication to the furthering of education and the sciences is well documented, but he was also an enthusiastic patron of the arts. Jacobs was always curious about the materials used in and the messages conveyed by the works he saw. He also took a great interest in social and political issues, which eventually led to the establishment of the Jacobs Foundation in Zurich. (Part of our catalogue: The Klaus J. Jacobs Collection)

Roger M. Buergel, Johann Jacobs Museum Zurich

Auction 1102 - The Klaus J. Jacobs Collection

Jacobs is a household name. In this catalogue you will find diverse works of art ranging from fine silver and fanciful porcelain to dazzling paintings and dynamic drawings, all united by their connection to the company’s leading product: coffee.

The broadening focus of Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich now enables us to present you with an exciting mix of fascinating objects. We would like to congratulate the owner of the Johann Jacobs Museum and its director Roger M. Buergel on their decision to downsize parts of the collection. A dynamic collecting style is always an indicator of self-assurance among private collectors, and the same principal applies to institutions.