Selling art at Lempertz

Selling and auctioning art: that is our passion. We cultivate this family tradition with great care in order to do justice to our high expectations, our customers, the artists and the art. Here you can find out everything about auctions in our house and the possibilities of selling through Lempertz. Whether as a private individual, gallery or dealer: We advise you individually, free of charge, discreetly and without obligation. 

If you are looking to successfully sell your artworks, paintings, antiques or jewellery at an auction in a prestigious auction house and are looking for a trustworthy partner, you are at the right place. For 200 years, Kunsthaus Lempertz has anchored itself as one of the leading auctions houses on the international art market. We sell paintings by acclaimed artists, decorative arts, editions, sculptures and objects from exotic countries.

Selling art - Why choose Lempertz?


  • is a leading European auction houses with an international outlook. We hold auctions in Cologne, Berlin, Brussels and Monaco and have offices and representatives in Munich, Zurich, New York and São Paolo. 
  • has expertise in all areas of the international art market: Modern art, contemporary art, photography, old master paintings, drawings and sculpture, European decorative arts, Asian art, African and Oceanic art. 
  • regularly achieves new record prices for its customers. 
  • is the oldest family-owned auction house worldwide with a history spanning over 200 years. 
  • is networked worldwide with the leading collectors, dealers, experts and museums.  
  • markets your artworks professionally and internationally, in the print media and online. 

We are the right contact if you wish to auction your art!

Object evaluation & Consignment

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The Path to a Successful Sale

1. Appraisal

Do you wish to sell art or disperse your collection? Here you can find all the relevant information. Contact our experts in the departments or a representative in one of our branches. To do this, you can use the appraisal form, send an email, or write a letter.

If you are interested in selling your art, please send us the name of the artist, where possible, images, dimensions and weight, and any additional information you may have about the works, (for example provenance). Our specialists will then provide you with an initial appraisal and advise you on how to proceed. You are also welcome, by appointment, to bring your items to one of our branches and have them appraised in situ.

In the case of particularly extensive collections, our specialists are also happy to visit you at home to appraise your artworks.

2. Art historical research and market analysis

You have decided to sell your items via Lempertz. Our experts will first begin by processing your objects for entry in the auction catalogue and, in consultation with you, establishing the estimate and reserve prices. The estimate is printed in the catalogue and serves as a financial guideline for potential buyers during the auction. The reserve price is the minimum for which the item can be hammered down, and is agreed on between Lempertz and the consignor and is known only by these two parties. A professional photographer then takes pictures of the objects in order to present them in the best possible light. 

3. The auction contract

As soon as your objects or collection has been art historically researched and contextualized, you will receive a contract of sale containing all the relevant details regarding the auction and the objects as follows:
A list of your consigned objects with their estimates and any agreed reserve prices, the commission, the photography costs and the terms of contract. The commission will of course only be charged if the sale is successful.

4. The auction

The catalogue, including your artworks, is released circa three weeks prior to the auction, in print form, online and on the Lempertz app. As a consignor you will of course receive a complimentary bound copy. All artworks in the impending auction will be displayed in our galleries. Our auctions are advertised in the classical print form - in the international press - as well as online and through our Artist Alerts. A potential buyer can make their purchase in the auction room or through our website. After the auction you will be informed of the results of your consignment. Consignor invoices will be generated within five weeks after the auction and paid out, providing the buyers have settled their invoices.

Commission, costs and insurance of consignments


For consignments to the Fine Art, Decorative Arts, Asian Art and African and Oceanic Art departments:

9 % of the hammer price for objects over € 20,000
13 % of the hammer price for objects from € 4,000 to € 19,999
17 % of the hammer price for objects up to € 3,999
(each plus VAT) as a commission to Lempertz.
For consignments to the Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Photography departments including droit de suite:

9 % of the hammer price for objects over € 50,000
13 % of the hammer price for objects from € 5,000 to € 49,999
17 % of the hammer price for objects up to € 4,999
(each plus VAT) as a commission to Lempertz.

Catalogue and illustration costs

Full-page illustration - EUR 380
Half-page illustration – EUR 200
Quarter-page illustration – EUR 120

(plus VAT)


Lempertz insures your property against theft/burglary, fire, and damage to water mains  to the value of the estimated price for the duration of their safe-keeping on our premises. Lempertz is liable for any other damage, especially to frames, only if it occurs deliberately or as the result of gross negligence.

Do you have any other questions? Further information can be found here on our website, or please contact our Departments.

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