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The history of human civilisation has been a history of art. Nothing presents a more vivid and accurate picture of the development of a society than the works of its artists. Values, fashions, and events all leave their mark: Art is the transformation of the world into images and symbols, it depicts, interprets, and re-evaluates. Lempertz auction house has been documenting and preserving this rich artistic history for many years: From the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages to the opulent murals of the Baroque era to the secularisation of art in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Fine Art sector has brought forth works of unbelievable variety. Under our roof, lovers of art can buy and sell Fine Art paintings and sculptures, building on the expertise we have developed in over a century of experience curating art auctions.

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Would like to buy or sell Fine Art, do you have questions regarding specific lots, or are you simply in need of trustworthy expertise? Since the authors of Fine Art pieces are frequently unknown, an expert opinion is an indispensable asset. Our trained specialists can provide you with reliable, first hand advice combining years of experience with passion for the field. Our experts are available to answer your questions via e-mail and telephone.

Dr. Mariana M. de Hanstein

Fine Arts

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Fine Arts

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Carsten Felgner M.A.

Fine Arts (provenance research)

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Member of the Management

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Fine Art Auctions

Are you looking to buy Fine Art? If so, we can recommend our current auctions. In our Fine Art auctions you can discover unique collector's items from all genres and eras: Paintings, sculptures, drawings – the works on the market are as rich and varied as Fine Art itself. However, private collectors are in permanent competition with municipal museums and galleries, as the supply of Fine Art treasures is finite. Therefore, every auction is a priceless opportunity to acquire a unique work of art that may never be found on the market again. Thus, works of Fine Art command high prices and attract large numbers of bidders.

Upcoming auctions - Fine Art

Auction - Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture 14th-19th C.

Saturday 20. 05. 2023
Further information about this auction will be available soon.

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Would you like to sell a work of Fine Art? Perhaps it no longer fits your profile or maybe you need more space? An experienced auction house provides you with the perfect opportunity: Only the most popular auctions will bring fair market prices for your Fine Art. Our valuation form is a simple way to have your questions answered, and our extensive artist database can provide you with an initial orientation.

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Fine Art captivates audiences and attracts buyers with the promise of not only owning the work of a singular artist, but a piece of cultural heritage. This aspect is reflected in the results achieved for Fine Art at auction: It is not unusual for sums of over a million euros to be exchanged, and estimates are frequently exceeded. For example, an oil painting based on a composition by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, The Alchemist, achieved over one and a half million euros (incl. buyer's premium), and a work in tempera on panel from the 1st half of the 14th century depicting Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Anthony the Great by Matteo Giovanetti was purchased at auction for over two and a half million (incl. buyer's premium). Even more impressive were the three and a half million euros (incl. buyer's premium) achieved for Gerard Dou's 17th century work Painter in his Studio. Fine Art auctions are a moving experience, for people and the market.