Kunsthaus Lempertz - The Auction House in Brussels

The Brussels branch of the auction house Lempertz was established in 1985. Before moving into the present building, the office was located in Rue Aux Laines 1, in the same block as the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Remaining loyal to art, Lempertz shares the building with Galerie Patrick. Both addresses are located in the famous Sablon Quarter, near to the Grand Sablon and the Église Notre Dame du Sablon.

The new, larger space is only a stone's throw from the old offices. A short walk through Egmont Park and one reaches the impressive, historical buildings of the Rue du Grand Cerf. The architect Jules Babier (1865-1911) was well known for his residential properties and churches in the Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles. The building in which the Brussels auction house has been resident since May 2014 counts among the highlights of his career with its characteristic Jugendstil features.

The property has been used as an auction house since the beginning of the 20th century when the Galerie Leroy Frères held auctions in the same hall in which Lempertz now welcomes clients and guests. On closer inspection the lettering of the previous owner can still be seen outside above the large, left-hand window.

Preview for the auction „Art of Africa, the Pacific and the Americas” in our auction house in Brussels

The Opening of the Auction House in Brussels in May 2014

After two years of renovations, the first auction was held in conjunction with the opening celebrations, the highlight of which was a Soviet space capsule, selling for 1.26 million euro. Consisting of only three lots, the auction was certainly the smallest Lempertz has ever held. Alongside the space capsule, two space suits were also sold for 70.000 and 63.000 euro.

In October 2014, shortly after the opening, Lempertz Brussels' first photography exhibition was held featuring work by the Belgian photographer and video artist Marie-Jo Lafontaine. Since then, the last self-designed exhibition from the artist Joannis Avramidis was also held here. Planned by the sculptor and his daughter, Avramidis unfortunately died shortly before the exhibition. In summer 2016 contemporary works by the deceased artist Ellsworth Kelly could be viewed. Kelly was a main representative of the Hard-Edge painting style.

Expert Days in Brussels Auction House

As in the other Lempertz branch offices, Brussels also holds Expert Days throughout the year when our experts travel to the Belgian capital to evaluate and accept consignments of art, paintings, antiques and other objects for the upcoming auctions. Jewellery, porcelain, silver, Old Masters, decorative and Asian arts, modern and contemporary art are closely examined and appraised by our experts, often hereby discovering hidden treasures. All information regarding the location and dates of the Expert Days in all our offices can be found on our website.

Auction of African and Oceanic Art

The tradition of African and Oceanic art at the auction house in Brussels can be traced back to the opening of the offices in the Flemish metropole. The so-called Tribal Art auction takes place at least once a year and only in Brussels, even when the consignments come from all over the world. The art which is offered for sale consists primarily of wooden sculptures which at first glance appear to be of African origin. The estimates of the top pieces in the auctions are often many thousands of euros, whilst the smaller items take the form of masks, weapons and African furniture pieces and a few artistically decorated everyday objects such as carved cups and vessels, mostly finished from a single piece of wood. The consignments are also often from private collections.

The auction is usually led by the company director and owner, Professor Henrik Hanstein. As with all Lempertz' auctions, all lots and the highlights can be viewed in the online or printed catalogues and the results of past auction in Brussels can also be found on the website. You can of course follow and participate in the auction online, and therefore have the possibility to bid on the lot of your choice from afar.

Regular Important Art and Antique Events

As a result of the 'Cultures' art fair for African and Oceanic art, a broad, interested public for this special type of art can be found in Brussels. The name 'Cultures' has been used for the first time this year when the BAAF (The Brussels Ancient Art Fair), the BRUNEAF (Brussels Non-European Art Fair) and the AAB (Asian Art in Brussels, specialising in Asian art) joined forces. The doors to 'Cultures' were open for five days from 8th to 12th June 2016.

One of the main attractions in the year is without doubt the annual BRAFA, Brussels Art Fair, one of the oldest art and antique fairs in the world. Since its foundation in 1956 and with 130 exhibitors from numerous countries, BRAFA has developed to become one of the leading international art fairs in Europe, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

The next great event in the art scene's calendar is 'Art Brussels' in April each year. The number of exhibitors was recently reduced from 191 to 140, but it still remains the largest art fair in Belgium. Both of these events assist the art market in selling and with only a few exceptions, visitors are able to purchase every painting or work of art.

As well as the many large events, there are numerous galleries and museums for art lovers in the Belgian capital city. The Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts (The Royal Museums of Fine Art) is reachable by foot from Kunsthaus Lempertz Brussels. Our colleagues in Brussels look forward to meeting you and receiving your consignments. All appointments for Brussels and up-to-date information about events and exhibitions can be found on our website. For enquiries regarding Brussels auctions, consignments and After Sale please see the contact details above. Our colleagues in the other branches and offices of Kunsthaus Lempertz are also of course happy to help.

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