Kunsthaus Lempertz - The Auction House in Berlin

The Berlin representative office of Kunsthaus Lempertz, the Auction House in Berlin, is situated in the centre of the German capital city in the historical Nikolai quarter. Opened at the beginning of the 1990s, shortly after the fall of the wall, it was initially located 'Am Kupfergraben' opposite the Pergamon Museum before moving shortly afterwards to the nearby Magnus-Haus, which also housed the offices of the former German president Richard von Weizsäcker. Before moving to the current premises of Poststrasse 22 in Berlin-Mitte, in 1999 the offices were located in Linienstrasse. This street is still populated by galleries and exhibition spaces and is an integral part of the pulsing and constantly growing Berlin art scene.

In 2005 the Berlin representative of the Auction House was enlarged and thereby moved to the current premises in the Nikolai Quarter.

With its annual art events, Gallery Weekend and Berlin Art Week featuring over 440 resident galleries, Berlin can undisputedly be counted as one of the most important art locations in Europe. The numerous museums, such as the Martin-Gropius Bau, the Neue Nationalgalerie, c/o Berlin, Museumsinsel (Museum Island) and much more, all contribute to Berlin's continually growing reputation as an international hub within the art scene. The establishment of a representative office of the Berlin auction house here was therefore a logical step for Kunsthaus Lempertz.

Numerous exhibitions and previews in the Berlin auction house

For the benefit of the resident collectors and art lovers, previews regularly take place in the city featuring a selection of works from upcoming auctions. Outside of the auction season the premises are available for exhibitions such as in 2015 when a large exhibition featuring many works by the Greek contemporary sculptor Joannis Avramidis was held in the Berlin auction house. The artist was personally involved, together with his daughter, in its planning and conception, but this was to be his last as he unfortunately passed away shortly before its opening. This autumn, prints by the American artist Ellsworth Kelly will be on display.

Expert Days in Berlin Auction House

Expert Days also take place in the Berlin auction house regularly throughout the year. In the run-up to each season, the experts from each department travel from Cologne to Berlin to evaluate and accept objects. Hereby the value and authenticity of jewels, Old Masters, contemporary art as well as art from all other epochs are examined. The experts frequently uncover unexpected treasures, which have sometimes been awaiting discovery for a long time. Further information regarding the Expert Days in Berlin can be found on our website.

Berlin auction in spring

A further highlight of the Berlin location is the annual Berlin auction featuring numerous objects connected to the city, where rarities in porcelain and silver, unusual paintings and antiques change hands. Silver pieces steeped in history, sometimes gifts from one prominent dynasty to another, and first-class porcelain vases, are just a few examples of the exquisite quality found in the Berlin auction. One highlight from last year was a 77 cm high crater vase with a panoramic view of the city of Potsdam from the house of KPM, which sold for 254,000 euro.

In the tradition of the family business of Lempertz, the Berlin office is led by Alice Jay von Seldeneck, daughter of the director Henrik Hanstein, together with her husband Kilian Jay von Seldeneck. The couple are now the fourth generation of the Hanstein family managing Lempertz' Berlin auction house. The continual advances in digitalization are also being led from the Berlin office, with the programming of the Lempertz App last year and the launch of an impressive new website featuring many developments including the personal customer login account 'MyLempertz'. The diverse social media channels as well as direct marketing are also managed in Berlin.

Numerous Benefit auctions in Berlin

The Berlin auction house also supports and organises regular benefit auctions for charitable organisations and cultural causes. Staged in the impressive facilities of the Berlin Tempelhof airport, Lempertz has auctioned many works of art from private individuals and businesses, the proceeds of which help towards the language development of refugee children. The auction took place in conjunction with the annual Art Dinner of the Berlin Bürgerstiftung (civic foundation). Alongside the charitable nature of the Benefit auction, highlights also include the auction of intangible lots; therefore for example, one was able to purchase a dress rehearsal with Ann-Sophie Mutter and Sir Simon Rattle.

As neighbour to the Berlin Palace, or rather its building site at the present time, many auctions were held in Berlin last year to contribute to the reconstruction of the historical facade of the palace.

Auction House - Berlin

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