Lempertz Academy - Highlights of our upcoming Auctions

Lempertz Academy: short videos and captivating articles from art experts and passionate collectors from all over the world. In our new series, you have the opportunity to explore something new and interesting. Let us surprise you with the first four of our highlight videos.

ERNST LUDWIG KIRCHNER - Mädchen in Südwester

Peter Raue, lawyer and art collector in Berlin

In this video, the passionate art collector and lawyer talks about his opinion of the works and gives us an insight into the relationship bewteen Kirchner and his muse Erna Schilling. Mädchen in Südwester' will be offered for sale in the upcoming Modern Art auction on Friday 2 December. Further works and information about Ernst Ludwig Kirchner can be found at: Artist index.

FERNANDO BOTERO - Niño con un pájaro

Mariana Hanstein, art historian, Kunsthaus Lempertz

''I don't paint fat people. Fat people do not interest me at all'', Fernando Botero, cited by Mariana Hanstein. It is much more about the style and enjoyment of South American life: The book 'Botero – Kleine Reihe – Kunst' by Mariana Hanstein has already been published, examining the artist's life and oeuvre. The work 'Nino con un Pajero' will be offered for sale on 3 December in the Contemporary Art auction.


Peter Raue, lawyer and art collector in Berlin

The special atmosphere takes centre stage here. With a sharp and trained eye, Peter Raue discusses the interaction of colour and form in this work from 1917. 'Davos' by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner will be auctioned alongside 'Mädchen in Südwester' on 2 December. Previously sold works by the artists as well as a bibliography can be found at: Art index.