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Austrian SchoolÖsterreichischer Meister - ALLEGORISCHE VERHERRLICHUNG DES KAISERTUMS MAXIMILIANS II. (reg. von 1564-1572). €21.240
Austrian SchoolAustrian School, circa 1490 - ECCE HOMO €18.000
Austrian SchoolAustrian School, 1450 - TRINITY €12.000
Austrian SchoolAustrian School, circa 1760 - PORTRAIT OF ARCHDUKE JOSEPH OF AUSTRIA, LATER KAISERS JOSEPH II. €9.000
Austrian SchoolAustrian School 18th century - Portrait of a Man in Armour €3.224
Austrian SchoolAustrian School late 18th century - Trompe l'oeil with Papers pinned to a Board (Quodlibet) €2.976