Vittorio Sella

Date/place of birth

1859 Biella im Piemont

Day/place of death

1943 Biella im Piemont

Vittorio Sella - biography

Vittorio Sella came from a family of photographers and already began documenting the world of the Alps with his plate camera whilst mountain climbing as a youth in the 1880s. Considering the state of camera development at the time, this was a feat requiring a not inconsiderable amount of logistical and athletic effort. He used the wet collodion process, which required heavy glass plates as well as the wooden camera and tripod. Between 1889 and 1909, he took part as a photographer on various international expeditions to the Caucasus mountains, Sikkim and the Himalayas, and also travelled to East Africa and Alaska where he photographed mountains and rocky landscapes whilst climbing.

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Vittorio Sella Prices

ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Vittorio Sella Matterhorn, vom Oberen Riffelweg aus (Matterhorn, seen from Upper Riffel trail) €2.318
Vittorio Sella Aletschgletscher und Eggishorn von der Concordiahütte aus (Aletsch glacier and Eggishorn, seen from Concordia lodge) €1.830
Vittorio Sella Matterhorn und Grünsee von Findelen aus (Matterhorn and Grünsee as seen from Findelen) €1.708
Vittorio Sella The Gasherbrum taken from the Occidental Spur €1.586
Vittorio Sella Siniolchu taken from the top of the Zemu glacier €1.586
Vittorio Sella Group of the Muztagh Tower taken from the snow-covered crest of the Rdokass €1.464