Frans Snyders

Date/place of birth

11. November 1579 AntwerpBelgium

Day/place of death

19. August 1657 AntwerpBelgium

Frans Snyders - biography

Frans Snyders was a gifted animal painter who captivated princes and kings with his gripping hunting scenes. The Flemish artist worked closely at times with his famous colleague Rubens. 

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Frans SnydersFrans Snyders - Still Life with Birds and a Basket of Grapes €143.750
Frans SnydersFrans Snyders, studio of - Large Still Life with a Couple, Game, Vegetables, Fruit, a Monkey, and a Parrot €24.800
Frans SnydersFrans Snyders, circle of - Dogs Attacking a Leopard €12.600
Frans SnydersFrans Snyders, circle of - Dogs Attacking a Tiger €12.600
Frans SnydersFrans Snyders, Nachfolge - STILLEBEN MIT ERLEGTEM WILD UND FRÜCHTEN. €8.330
Frans SnydersFrans Snyders, in the manner of - Still Life with Fruit and Game €4.712