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Venetian SchoolVenetian School 16th century - Portrait of a Man in a Beret Giovanni Bellini?) €55.000
Venetian SchoolVenetian School around 1770/1790 - View of the Piazzetta on the Grand Canal and Santa Maria della Salute €32.500
Venetian SchoolVenetian School, around 1700 - SCENE FROM THE ROMAN HISTORY (MAGNANIMITY OF SCIPIO?) €32.400
Venetian SchoolItalian School c. 1660 Venetian School - Sleeping Venus with Cupid €22.320
Venetian SchoolVenetian School 16th century - The Baptism of Christ €18.900
Venetian SchoolVenezianischer Meister - CANAL GRANDE MIT BLICK AUF DIE RIALTOBRÜCKE VON SÜDEN. €18.360