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Feian YuYu Feian €11.160
Feian YuYu Feian - Falcon on a rock and bamboo. Ink and colour on paper. Insciption, dated cyclically jiashen (1944), signed Yu Zhao and sealed Yu Zhao zhi yin, Yu Feian and Wang Shanyan zhai. €8.680
Feian YuYu Feian, attributed to Tian Shiguang and Yu Zhizhen (1915-1995) - One volume of ten titled "Baihua qifang" (A hundred flowers blossom) with ten colour woodblock prints. Rongbaozhai, Beijing 1960, 6th month. €1.612
Feian YuYu Feian, in the manner of - In the manner of Yu Feian. Peonies in the style of Lang Shining. Hanging scroll. Ink and colour on paper. Inscribed Feian and sealed Yu Zhao zhi yin and Feian. €1.488