An engraved tin "willkomm" goblet of the glass maker's guild in Itzehoe - image-1

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An engraved tin "willkomm" goblet of the glass maker's guild in Itzehoe

Auction 1075 - overview Cologne
18.11.2016, 14:00 - Decorative Arts II
Estimate: 3.000 € - 4.000 €

An engraved tin "willkomm" goblet of the glass maker's guild in Itzehoe

A large and finely proportioned goblet with a finial formed as a standing figure (formerly a standard bearer), decorated with two rows of lion's heads, some with rings in their mouths. Engraved to the cup: "ANNO 1698 HABEN ALTER LEVTE VND SEMBTLICHE MEISTER DES LÖBLICHEN AMBTS DER GLASER IN DIESER STADT ITZEHO DIESEN WILLKOM ZVM GVTEN ANDENCEKN AVFGERICHTET ALS (engraved names)". Tin hallmarks: Early angel mark with monogram "HH" and rose mark. A small breakage to the lower half of the cup, the swags and standard lost. H 55.6 cm.
Attributed to Hans Holsten, 1698.

This so-called “willkomm” goblet was purchased from the Jewish art dealer Mozes Mogrobi in Amsterdam by the then head curator of the Holsteinisches Landesmuseum Ernst Sauermann in 1942. Following the occupation of Antwerp by the Nazis, Mogrobi's shop had been placed in the hands of a non-Jewish custodian, based on the Nuremberg racial laws. Mogrobi died in Auschwitz in 1944.
The Inter-Allied declaration of 1943 rendered all business transactions carried out by Germans in occupied territories invalid. Thus, the goblet technically should have been restored to its original owners directly after the war, as was the case with other purchases by the Landesmuseum in 1947. Dr. Carsten Fleischhauer, who organised the provenance research at Gottdorf palace, discovered in the course of his research that the conditions for restitution were fulfilled, so that nothing stood in the way of the goblet being returned to the representatives of its original owner's heirs.


Formerly the collection of Mozes Mogrobi, Amsterdam.
Kept in the Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte in Schloss Gottorf since 1942.
Restored to the heirs of Mozes Mogrobi in 2016.


For this master cf.: Hintze, Die deutschen Zinngießer, vol. III, Aalen 1964, no. 1071. Hans Holsten was born in Itzehoe and joined the Hamburg office as an outside master in 1680.