An ormolu-mounted Neoclassical chest of drawers

An ormolu-mounted Neoclassical chest of drawers

Mahogany (solid and veneer), three iron locks (with two keys), replaced white marble. Corpus with three drawers supported by tapered feet. The drawer-pulls designed as moulded rings issuing from flowerhead designs, the lock plates formed as cartouches. Minimal wear to the veneer. H 84, W 94.5, D 52.5 cm.
Berlin, attributed to Johann Gottlob Fiedler, late 18th C.

Johann Gottlob Fiedler's most famous furniture design is a writing cabinet dated 1775, which is now kept in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg. His architectural and inlaid designs are still strongly influenced by the late rococo Frederician style. In 1961, Franz Windisch-Graetz discovered two chests of drawers dated ten years later that already display all of the characteristics of early courtly Classicism. The chest of drawers shown here and the dainty ladies secretaire can in turn be dated slightly later, towards the end of the 18th century. They display the uniquely Prussian style developed during the reign of Frederick William III, which distanced itself from French fashions.


For further pieces by Fiedler cf.: Himmelheber, Die Kunst des deutschen Möbels, vol. 3, Munich 1973, illus. 37 - 39, p. 30 ff.

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