A Niedermayer porcelain cup with a portrait of Archduchess Maria Ludovika

A Niedermayer porcelain cup with a portrait of Archduchess Maria Ludovika

Bombé form cup with tall scroll handle and original saucer. Decorated with a finely painted bust in an oval reserve depicting the later Empress facing right and dressed in a high lace collar, red trimmed chemise dress, and pearl hair accessories against a bluish grey ground. The upper section of the cup and border of the saucer with bands of stylised rosettes and foliage. Blue bindenschild mark, year stamp 808, potter's no. 59 for Joseph Rammersberger, 25 and 60.
Vienna, Niedermayer manufactory, 1808.

Maria Luigia Beatrice d´Este (1787 - 1816) married Emperor Franz I of Austria on 6th January 1808. The Emperor was 19 years her senior and already a widower. Her name was changed to the more German-sounding Maria Ludovika after the marriage. This portrait depicts her as a young bride of 21 years around the time of her wedding.


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