Gerhard Richter - Grau

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Gerhard Richter - Grau - image-1

Gerhard Richter


Oil on canvas. 50 x 70.5 cm. Framed. Signed and dated 'Richter, 73' verso on canvas. Work number verso on stretcher. - Minor traces of age.

“The Grauen Bilder almost verge on the edge of cheap grey room paint, without ever stepping over this line. It is precisely in the reduction that the painterly qualities can be experienced all the more sustainably. The surfaces of the - at first glance - identical canvases, differ from each other. The creative specific of each individual work gains in importance and characteristic in the unity of the Grauen Bilder. Richter varies his painting by determining differently the grey value, format, application and painting medium. By always blending the oil paint individually before application, variations in colourfulness are achieved which he applies to the canvas with the brush, spatula or roller and with a broad variety of painterly gestures. For Gerhard Richter, these design characteristics are of decisive importance.” (Dietmar Elger, Gerhard Richter, Maler, Cologne 2002, p.272)

Catalogue Raisonné

Elger 342-6


Galerie Luc van Middelem, Knokke; private collection, Belgium


Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ed.), Gerhard Richter, Werkübersicht/Catalogue Raisonné 1962-1993, vol.III, Ostfildern-Ruit 1993, p.165 and n.pag. no.342-6 with colour illus.
Jürgen Harten et al., Gerhard Richter, Bilder 1962-1985, Städtische Kunsthalle Düsseldorf i.a., Cologne 1986, p.383

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