A Berlin KPM porcelain plaque with an acacia wreath

A Berlin KPM porcelain plaque with an acacia wreath

Unidentified round model. With botanical decor framed by a stylised wreath of golden tendrils on blue ground. Blue sceptre mark, gold painter's mark, pressnummer 16. D 30.5 cm.
Early 19th C.

Thomas Kemper researched former manufactory director Werner Franke's career for an article in "Kunst und Auktionen": "Trained as a business administrator, Franke had already become commercial director of KPM Berlin prior to the outbreak of WWII and led the company as its director from the war until 1966. In 1955 he opened the "Haus der Manufaktur" on Wegelystrasse with new workshops and an exhibition and salesroom to replace the former manufactory complex, which had been destroyed during the war." (24th March 2017, no. 5, p. 14)


Collection of Werner Franke, director of KPM from 1955 - 66.
Private collection, Berlin.


For more on Franke, cf.: Köllmann, Beliner Porzellan, vol. I, Braunschweig 1966, p. 111.

Lot 261 Dα

1.000 € - 1.500 €

1.250 €