Lempertz to auction a collection of rare Russian avant-garde porcelain

A magnificent Soviet collection embodying Russia’s post-revolutionary era is to go under the hammer this March and May.

With around 60 excellent pieces of porcelain and a wide selection of books, postcards, posters and playing cards, the collection provides a fascinating insight into life in 1920s Russia.

The period immediately following the Revolution was a time marked by great enthusiasm for change and hope for a better and more just society. The Revolutionary ideal permeated all aspects of life and had an especially strong influence on artistic production. The artists and intellectuals of the Russian avant-garde saw themselves in harmony with the new regime, and Constructivism, which they created, often displays propagandistic elements as a result of the political situation in which it arose.

The circa 60 fine porcelain works have an old and illustrious Austrian provenance and were primarily produced by the firm formerly known as the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory in St. Petersburg. This collection of colourful and rustic pieces will be offered for auction on 2nd May 2015 in Berlin.  

The books and posters from this unique collection will be sold on 20th March 2015 by Venator and Hanstein in Cologne.