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Anonymous painterA Korean painting of Ksitigarbha (Jijang bosal) as supreme ruler of the underworld flanked by the Chinese monk Daoming (Tomyông) and demon king Mutôk in front of the throne and ... €34.720
Anonymous painterAnonymous painter . 17th/18th century - Nityodyukta Bodhisattva (Bodhisattva of Constant-diligence) from the Amitabha sutra. Large hanging scroll. Ink and colours on silk. Inscription: Nanwu Chang Jingjjin pusa (Namo ... €18.600
Anonymous painterAnonymous painter . Qing dynasty - Nine herons by a lotus pond. Hanging scroll. Ink and colour on paper. Inscribed Yuan Zhang Song Yan and titled: Hehua bailu tu (Lotus blossoms and white herons). €12.400
Anonymous painterAnonymous painter . 18th century - Palace ladies at leisure. Ink and colour on silk. Inscribed Zhou Wenju. €8.680
Anonymous painterAnonymous painter . Qing dynasty - A small six-fold screen with a depiction of the Banquet of Guo Ziyi in the manner of Qiu Ying. Ink and colour on silk. Section from an horizontal scroll. A titleslip to the fron... €7.500
Anonymous painterAnonymous painter . 19th century - An album depicting twelve erotic scenes. Ink and colour on silk. €6.944