Daniele Buetti

Date/place of birth

1955 Fribourg

Daniele Buetti - Rote Blume
Daniele Buetti - Rote Blume

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Daniele Buetti biography

The Swiss artist Daniele Buetti examines our modern consumerist society and its values through sculptures, photographs, videos and installations. In the 1990s, Buetti questioned modern ideals of beauty by scribbling biro-pen tattoos in the form of company names and logos onto the perfect faces of female models. In his light box works, photographs are edited through press-cutting or contrasted with textual commentary and existential questions. Buetti has been a professor at the Münster Art Academy since 2004.

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Daniele BuettiRote Blume€14.400
Daniele BuettiWhat do you feel guilty for? #189€7.812
Daniele BuettiBelle comme une perle d'eau€6.820
Daniele BuettiBenetton€1.680
Daniele BuettiLouis Vuitton (from the series: Looking for Love)€1.260

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