Demand, Thomas

Date/place of birth

1964 Munich

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Thomas Demand builds models of places seen in the media out of paper and card, takes high definition photographs of these models and destroys them afterwards. The photos thus remain the only traces these hyperrealistic rooms leave behind. The artificial nature of the scenes only becomes clear upon closer inspection – too perfect, too clear and clean are the lines to be reality. The photographs give us the feeling that the images tell a story, but the artist is more interested in the complex relationship between image and reality. Demand studied in Munich, Düsseldorf and London.

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Thomas Demand Prices

Artist Artwork Price
Thomas Demand Flügel (Grand Piano) €79.300
Thomas Demand Junior Suite €57.040
Thomas Demand Spüle (Sink) €51.240
Thomas Demand Ohne Titel (Ananasscheibe) €9.758
Thomas Demand Bierdeckel €7.440
Thomas Demand Bullion €4.880

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