Luigi Ghirri

Date/place of birth

05. January 1943 ScandianoItaly

Day/place of death

14. February 1992 RoncocesiItaly

Luigi Ghirri - biography

Luigi Ghirri valued the beauty of the inconspicuous. The photographs of the Italian photo pioneer seem trivial only at first glance; in actual fact, they straighten out the oblique und demonstrate normality and integrity at a time in which the world was gradually starting to turn ever faster.

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ArtistArtworkPrice (incl. premium)
Luigi Ghirri Tellaro, Italy €41.480
Luigi Ghirri Verso Lagosanto (from the series: Il profilo delle nuvole) €14.375
Luigi Ghirri Ile Rousse (from the series: Kodachrome) €11.780
Luigi Ghirri Venezia, Ponte dell'Arsenale €10.625
Luigi Ghirri Paris (from the series: Topografia - Iconografia) €7.500
Luigi Ghirri Modena €5.750