Lotte Jacobi

Date/place of birth

1896 Thorn/ Westpreußen

Day/place of death

1990 Concord/NH

Lotte Jacobi - biography

Lotte Jacobi came from a family of photographers and studied film and photography in Munich from 1925 to 1927, later taking over the management of her father’s studio in Berlin. Here she created many portraits of celebrities, actors, artists and authors, often under pseudonyms. In 1935 she was forced to flee from the National Socialist regime due to her Jewish heritage, and settled in the US, where she made a living taking wedding and family photos. Here she met numerous intellectuals and artists who like her had also immigrated to America, including Albert Einstein and Thomas Mann, who she later portrayed.

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Lotte JacobiLotte Jacobi - Head of a Dancer (Niura Norskaya) €2.196
Lotte JacobiLotte Jacobi - Albert Einstein in der Lederjacke €2.023
Lotte JacobiLotte Jacobi - Käthe Kollwitz €1.736
Lotte JacobiLotte Jacobi - Photogenic €1.309
Lotte JacobiLotte Jacobi - Trudi Schoop und Grock €1.180
Lotte JacobiLotte Jacobi - Double Eyes €1.098