Auction 1002, Old Masters and 19th Century (1000th Auction), 17.11.2012, 00:00, Cologne Lot 1515


Carl Spitzweg, A WOODED COVE WITH FRESH WATER POOL, Auction 1002 Old Masters and 19th Century (1000th Auction), Lot 1515

Carl Spitzweg

1808 Munich - 1885 Munich


Oil on canvas (relined). 71 x 92 cm.


Friedrich Dornhöffer, Munich, 22.5.1922. - Hermann Uhde-Bernays, Starnberg, 2.8.1922. - Hermann Uhde-Bernays, Starnberg, 28.3.1942 (copy without signature). - Eduard Loreck, Munich, 22.4.1952. - Eduard Loreck (confirmation of the double affixing of the estate's stamp), 5.11.1952. - S. Wichmann mentions further expertises in his Catalogue Raisoné (loc. cit., p. 131): Otto Spitzweg, Munich, 18.9.1912 ("Echtheitsbestätigung"); A. Dornhöffer, 25.4.1927; Adolf Alt, Munich, 6.11.1930; H. Uhde-Bernays, Munich, 2.6.1940.


>>> Meder Collection, Munich (after Roennefahrt 1958, loc. cit., p. 5) resp. Prof. Naager Collection, Munich (after Roennefahrt 1960, loc. cit., p. 151). - Auction Reiz, Berlin, 14.4.1925, lot 27. - Auction Hecht, Berlin, 29.-30.10.1928, lot 654. - Frieda and Moritz Schönemann Collection, Berlin. - Auction Versteigerungshaus Union (Leo Spik): "Wohnungseinrichtung und Kunstbesitz Sch.", Berlin, 16.-17.9.1935, lot 77. - 378. Lempertz Auction, Cologne, 12.-14.12.1935, lot 132. - Auction Paul Graupe, Berlin, 23.-24.3.1936, lot 112. - Auction Kunsthaus Heinrich Hahn, Frankfurt, 28.-29.10.1941, lot 167. - Galerie Aenne Abels, Cologne - 1953 as a present to the father of the present owner. - By descent to the present owner.


Günther Roennefahrt: Zum 150. Geburtstag Carl Spitzwegs, in: Die Weltkunst, XXVIII., no. 3, 1.2.1958, p. 5, illustrated on the cover. - Günther Roennefahrt: Carl Spitzweg. Beschreibendes Verzeichnis seiner Gemälde, Ölstudien und Aquarelle, Munich 1960, p. 151, no. 125. - Siegfried Wichmann: Carl Spitzweg. Verzeichnis der Werke. Gemälde und Aquarelle, Stuttgart 2002, p. 130f, no. 60.

The stamp of the family estate 'Spitzweg' with a rhombus found twice on the reverse of the canvas.

High wooded rock faces create a valley basin, flooded by a mountain stream running through it. In the background of the picture the stream falls into a small waterfall and runs through the valley basin down to the lower edge of the picture. This picture belongs to the large format works from the oeuvre of Spitzweg. With the free brushstrokes and a highly defined colour palette dominated by ochre, grey and green tones, the artist has produced a raw landscape without the need for figures. Wichmann dates the landscape to 1840, noting however that Spitzweg reworked the picture once more after his Paris trip in 1851 to include influences from the Barbizon School, particularly Jules Dupré. Roennefahrt marked the picture as ''one of the few great paintings (…), where the signature of the artist is made more recognisable by the study of nature''. (Roennefahrt 1958, a.a.O.)

At the beginning of the 1930s, the painting belonged to the Berlin collector and art dealer couple Frieda and Moritz Scönemann. As a result of the Jewish ancestry in the family, the Reich's Chamber of Culture ordered the liquidation of the company in September 1935 whereupon the collection was auctioned at Leo Spink in Berlin. On the basis of the principles of the Washington Conference of 3.12.1998 and with the mediation of Lempertz, an amicable agreement between the heirs of the Schönemann couple, deceased 1956 and 1969 respectively, and the present owners of the painting was reached. The search for the painting through the Lost Art Internet Databank was as a result cancelled.

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