Henri Edmond Cross - Paysage au soleil couchant

Henri Edmond Cross - Paysage au soleil couchant - image-1
Henri Edmond Cross - Paysage au soleil couchant - image-1

Henri Edmond Cross

Paysage au soleil couchant

oil on wood 13,8 x 23,9 cm

Rau Collection for UNICEF

The enchanting little seascape was created along the Côte d'Azur, and according to the supplementary information provided by Patrick Offenstadt, it may have been carried out in preparation for a larger composition that has since been lost or was never realised. He is in fact unaware of any other painting directly related to this work. This circumstance makes it a rare treasure from one of the most important periods in the artist's oeuvre.

In 1891, the first of the now highly sought-after Divisionist works by Cross were created in the legendary Mediterranean light of Southern France, in Var, where Cross lived with his wife from that time onwards. He remained close friends with Paul Signac, Maxmilien Luce and Théo van Rysselberghe, colleagues who lived and painted in the immediate vicinity.

"Paysage au soleil couchant" adopts the neo-Impressionist palette, with its numerous nuanced shades of violet and mauve; together with the various blue tones, these stand in delicate contrast to the yellow and salmon tones of the horizon. The finely graded colour relationships, layered broadly or applied in dots on top of one another, provide the composition with its indeterminate transparency and its atmosphere of unreality: a dream of twilight, with the stillness of a sea before a wide horizon, directly after sunset. Both this poetry of colour and the asymmetry of the composition possess a great aesthetic charm. The elongated landscape format of the canvas underscores the topography of the coast, with the partially cropped dark pines in the foreground at left, as well as the linear silhouettes of distant islands and the two-dimensionality of the cloud formations. The pointillist technique is not rigorously applied here - as it is in Cross's larger-format seascapes (cf. "Pointe de la Galère" and "Les Iles d'Or", both 1891/92; Compin, op. cit., no. 30, p. 115, and no. 36, p. 125, each illus.). However, the entire planar composition appears concentrated and decorative in its formal simplification - regardless of its possibly preliminary character. It recalls the reception of Asian woodcuts among French modernists or the Japonism of the epoch. Furthermore, approximately 10 years later, no one less than Henri Matisse would become greatly interested in the art of Signac and Cross in Saint Tropez.


With a confirmation of authenticity from Patrick Offenstadt, Paris, dated 17 April 2013 (no. 13.04.17/377); the work will be included in the catalogue raisonné of the works by Henri-Edmond Cross.


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Lot 654 Dα

80.000 € - 100.000 €

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